Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vs the World

So I was turned on to Scott Pilgrim a couple of years back by a close friend of mine. I waited patiently for each new volume to come out and I loved it. For some reason when the movie came out I failed to go watch it, I think the main thing was that my Fiance doesn't like going to the theater. I finally watched and was not surprised by how good it was. I personally think it's better then the comic up until the end, the comic is able to delve deeper into Scott's psyche and his inability to grow up. Also the Final boss battle was covered better in the comic, but seeing as how the final volume of the comic and the movie were being developed in tandem it's understandable that there would be some difference. All in all I really loved the movie and will be purchasing it when I can.


  1. to be honest, I've never read the comics. really liked the movie though! michael cera was a perfect choice for this kind of role.

    following you now btw :)

    only if you feel like giving it a click

  2. In a movie they have less time to concentrate on stuff like that, scott pilgrim is a great movie as it is!

  3. The SP comics remind me on Zelda: Wind Waker. Is it just me?