Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Day two:
I have restarted on my road to Japanese proficiency and will probably go over my plan in a latter post, but so far I'm not having much of a problem remembering what I had forgotten.
Went out with my fiance and got two new finches for a total of 5. one was a replacement for a bronze winged mannikin that she had bought a couple of days ago and had inexplicably died during the night. The second was a one eyed spice finch which I have named Rum.
Have started on the outline of the story I want to write, but to make sure I have everything in order it will probably be weeks or months before I really put pen to paper (figuratively speaking). I'm happy with the progress it is making and the route it is heading down.
Still need to start looking for a job, but I'm kinda enjoying the free time for a while.


  1. Yo man Japanese is hard good luck with that.
    Thanks for the following.

  2. Hey took japanese in highschool, it was crazy hard, hope it goes well bro, following this.

  3. I'm also trying to learn japanese. The hardest part I've found is the writing, speaking and listening is easy but trying to remember 1000's of symbols. Not a chance.

  4. If you're looking for a job have you checked out sites like elance.com?

    There is some pretty cool stuff on there sometimes, even if the site is set up kind of lame.