Saturday, December 11, 2010

A few days worth

I got very busy taking care of my Fiance, she had a lot of built up stress and so I have been spending as much time trying to keep her grounded as I can, I think we are still going to have to work on it. This is what led to me doing three hours of Yoga. She is a Yoga instructor at 24hour fitness and she had three classes to teach that day and wanted me to come with her. So I ended up going to three different hour long yoga classes and hammering my body, so even now I'm soar. Regrettably she is getting sick so we will probably need to take her to the doctor, she still has medical coverage under her ex-husband but that will probably be ending soon, but I haven't had medical insurance for several years, so hopefully she can survive until I find a job that offers it.

I have been thinking about trying for a degree in pharmacy, it's a high paying job and the pharmacist I have talked to don't seem to be under a load of stress, it's also a growth industry with all the baby boomers entering there golden years. The only problem is that it's four more years of college minimum. I was thinking about takning out some heavy student loans and living off those for the most part while I do it, but I would end up owing close to 100K by the end of it. On the flip side of that I would be making nearly 100K a year as a Pharmacist and so could probably pay that down relatively quick. Life decisions suck.

I haven't been able to work on the outline for my novel/story/buggering around with words on paper, for a while and I really need to make some time to do that. I'm in no hurry though, it's not like I have a publisher or a deadline. Although giving myself a deadline might be a good idea to light a fire under my kiester.

My Japanese studies have been progressing slowly but steadily, I think my next post will be about what my plan is to conquer that language. On a tangential note I saw an ad for American Ninja Warrior and am really regretting not having cable right now. I usually watch all my TV shows on Hulu or the internet, but I love Ninja Warrior (Sasuke in Japan) and want to see the new episodes. Hopefully this year on the American version they will have challenges that actually make since when held up again the Japanese show, because running with weights across a beach has little to do with massive grip strength and endurance.


  1. I found the Japanese for Busy People books very good. That was a loooooong time ago though. I never used my Japanese and have forgotten most of it.

  2. I kind of considered being a pharmacist too. As you mentioned, though, the schooling would be a ton of money :/

  3. one of my friend tried to be a pharmacist but it's kinda hard to get in a good University up here! He's now studying in microbiology which is great too! Good luck with the japanese studies!

  4. Good luck with taking care of your Fiance